Release Log

24 Sep 2019: Toggletator 1.4.1

  • Flip horizontal has an option to preserve a selection (On by default);
  • Flip horizontal has an option to flip a tip of the current brush horizontally;
  • Fixed some issues with Flip horizontal in Horizontal Flip View mode;

3 Sep 2019: Toggletator 1.4.0

  • it’s possible to assign script hotkeys directly from Toggletator Settings script;
  • Flip Horizontal now allows to use a new CC2019 Flip Horizontal View command which should work faster than flipping actual canvas pixels;
  • Flip horizontal also includes new Shift X and Shift Y fields in the options if you want to shift a visual center against which the flip is made — for example if you use fullscreen mode or generally work in a particular part of the screen;
  • also Flip Horizontal: there’s an option to disable my makeshift way of resetting canvas rotation — before the script was selecting a Crop Tool to reset it but if you don’t really rotate your canvas that’s superfluous. So the option is off by default;

4 Mar 2019: Toggletator 1.3.0

  • New scripts: Toggletator Settings, Toggle Layers Visibility by Labels, Toggle Brush Blend Mode, Toggle Inactive Layers Visibility, Toggle Brush Color Dynamics, Toggle Brush Tilt;
  • Installer updated to support CC2019;

24 May 2018: Toggletator 1.2.1

  • Fixed Flip script not working properly on some machines;

24 Feb 2018: Toggletator 1.2

  • New Toggle Flip script
  • Performance improvement
  • Fixed Toggle Channel Visibility script not working properly after the last update

26 Jan 2018: Toggletator 1.1

  • Fixed scripts not installing properly to CC2018 on Mac
  • new Ignore Color Labels option for toggle_layer_visibility.jsx
  • new Toggle Zoom script

17 Oct 2017: Toggletator 1.0